your 2 minute guide to clear aligners

Straightening your smile has a whole host of very real health benefits.

Want a straighter smile but don’t have hours to research? Look no further. Clear aligners offer a modern, fresh and awesome alternative to clunky braces, plus they’re super discreet.

okay, how do these work?

Clear aligners are clear plastic trays that move your teeth over time (usually a period of 6-18 months, depending on your smile). You change trays after a certain number of days, giving each one a chance to move the teeth a little.

Their job is to fix gaps, crowding, crookedness or issues with bite – and they’re almost invisible.

At smilogy, our process is SO simple. We scan, plan and straighten your smile.

what’s the process like?

Our 3D scanners can be found in convenient locations across the country. They map out your mouth precisely, taking exact impressions so that your aligners are a perfect fit.

Next, our Australian orthodontists and dentists plan your custom treatment plan, create as many aligner trays as you need and send them straight to your door.

They’ll let you know how long your individual process will take, and check in remotely using our dental monitoring scan box. There’s no in-person appointments – we know you’re busy!

how much effort is required?

Simply wear your aligners for 20-22 hours per day, removing them mainly to eat. You’ll need to keep your dental hygiene in tip-top shape, brushing your teeth and flossing before putting them back in. As we’ve mentioned, all check-ups are done remotely – it’s 2021!

To clean the aligners, use soap and water. Every few days, try soaking them in a denture solution to remove any stains. Don’t worry – this is a quick and easy process that will become second nature in no time.

Finally, once treatment is finished, you’ll need to wear a retainer to keep things in place. And that’s it!

what’s in it for me?

Not only will you achieve the straightened smile you’ve always wanted, there are other advantages as well. Customers report increased self-confidence, which can literally be life changing.

Straighter teeth are also easier to keep clean, meaning you’re less prone to gum disease and less-than-lovely breath.

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